Monday, September 15, 2014

Flooding the Market

Now that the Raspberry Pi has created a loyal following & the market is thriving, a number of other players have been introducing new products.

So far there is only one that has stood out - and I would like to tell you about it - but apparently that is all that I can do.
For some reason they have this absolutely crazy Intellectual Property policy that doesn't even allow people to link to their site.  Since this is completely unenforceable and insane, here is a link to that policy which would seem to be included in the list of things to which I am not allowed to link.

The product line is called Udoo.  I can't show you a picture or provide you a link so I will have to just create a workaround

What is interesting about Udoo is that they have a quad-core version that comes with an embedded Arduinio chipset and has gigabit ethernet.  While it might cost as much as 3 Beaglebone Blacks - in terms of value for money - they are densely packed.

However the one thing that really kills it for me is that it is not an open source design.  Given their inherent attitude about Intellectual Property for simple information on a web site, I can't say that I trust them to 'do the right thing' by their customer-base.  For that reason, I am still focusing on the BeagleBoneBlackRevC for my server farm design.

Given that the Arduino itself is a proprietary platform - it should come as no surprise.

If anyone out there responds to wishes as design challenges then I wish I wish I wish for 2 BeagleBoard capes to Come To Be:
1. Gigabit Ethernet
2. A cape devoted to mounting an Arduino as a daughterboard - thus isolating the proprietary components from the rest of the design.

Having those would make any call for the Udoo unnecessary.

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