Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ride the snake!

As previously mentioned on ye-olde-blog, I am tripping-the-n00b-fantasic on Python.

And just to keep things fresh-n-funky and to prove that I have completely lost my mind I have even set up a GitHub account.

Stick a fork in me or something before I hurt myself.

In the meantime I find that as a programmer fluent in both Java and perl when I muck about with Python it all looks familiar, just with a really relaxed attitude..  (Though I suspect code style is a Shibboleth) 

To be honest, as I have said before, I just wish there were a lot more actual Monty Python references.

All of this being said - there are reasons why I am delving into all of this nonsensical whimsy.  Many of them will become more obvious soon I think.

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