Monday, December 29, 2014

Not Too Swift

I am an idiot.

After programming for >32 years I have become rigid in my pattern of thinking.

I had reservations about Objective C and I stupidly assumed that everyone else would too.

Now that's over.  So the dusty books I bought planning to learn that language will now be a Bridge Too Far and a bitter reminder of what might have been.

But here's the thing:

This Swift nonsense really rubs me the wrong way.  Apple is going out of their way to behave badly.  Just as .NET was only ever intended to run on the Windows platform Swift, by design, only runs on iOS and OS/X.  (And of those, only on the Post-Steve flavors)

Being a parent, I digest news at the Speed of Dark.  So it took me - what has it been, 6 months? - to even notice Swift.  By then all of the hype-cycle analysis should have boiled down to a more reasonable level... "should have"..

Just like everything else there is no online debate.  You are either a zealot or a hater.  No one has time for wishy-washy-fence-sitters.  In the public space of opinions you are All-In or you have no peer group.  Any sort of "debate" is really just the two main camps lobbing petrol-bomb-grade-hyperbole at each other.  There's nothing worthwhile to be learned.

So after having an even stronger visceral reaction than last time I asked myself if I was making the same mistake.  The honest answer I gave myself was "Probably".

So this presents a problem.  I don't have a new mac.  I don't have a new iPhone nor iPad.  All of my gear is roughly 4 years old & thus has fallen off of the supported platform.  The OS/X version that I run at home is four major revisions out of date.  (Because I got sick of chasing the upgrade dragon & froze everything in a working state)

So even if I wanted  to program in Swift - WTF am I going to use?  I would have to do what Apple wants you to do - go out & buy all new stuff...

So I'm learning Swift now - with nothing to run it on. 

And I'm looking into buying a new laptop...

Like I said, I am an idiot.

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