Wednesday, March 11, 2015

!2Swift: Catch A Rising Star

According to Tiobe, Swift's popularity is on the rise.

Ruby has slipped a notch to #18 & Swift has risen to #17.

To put this in perspective, ObjectiveC is currently #3 behind C & Java.

To further put this in perspective, Swift ranks just below R, Transact-SQL, PL/SQL, Pascal, & Delphi/Object Pascal.

Coming into the community at this point is somewhat surreal.  There are a lot of grizzled ObjectiveC veterans who are grumbling about having to get on the learning curve again.

I see them as whiners - mostly because I am jealous of their experience and knowledge of the Cocoa and Foundation frameworks which I am struggling to come to terms with from a Swift-only perspective.  To me, they already understand the hard parts of app development.  Syntax-wrangling is just a way to keep things interesting.

But then I suppose that the mindsets are very different.  Objective C is a product of the 1980's and it shows.  Java was more of a 1990's mindset.  Looking backwards through the lens of time that doesn't see like very much of a difference numerically but from a technical viewpoint they are very different indeed.

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