Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Getting Around to Things

I find that the most difficult thing about being productive is Consistency.  I am extremely flighty with my attention.  I get excited & ramped up about things very easily.  I revel in the Raw Potential of things.

I will find myself down for the marathon investment of time to get something bootstrapped & running and I will gleefully throw myself into new endeavors this way.

The problem comes when the neat nifty newness wears off & I find myself level-grinding to keep things going.  My momentum - which I dumped so much energy into in order to fight the inertia that keeps things from starting to begin with - peters out - along with my interest level.

To combat this - I try to compartmentalize projects and to keep several of them going at any given time.  This was when I find myself fed up with something there are many other shiny things to compete for my attention - all of which require time, effort & attention and which would be productive to work on.

So I suppose that I work cyclically.

At this time I have finally circled back to Python and web2py.

That being said I found it extremely interesting to learn that web2py will run on Jython.

I have no idea what the performance is like. 
Would it run comparably to C-based-Python? 
What are the implications for hosting?

What is compelling about this is the ability to leverage existing Java libraries which are themselves inherently more performant than Python equivalents.  Since I write a lot of Java & am still gaining confidence in Python - this provides me with emotional security.  The question is - at what cost?  Performance of Python code is likely to take a hit and hosting costs will undoubtedly go UP significantly.

Just what is the acceptable price tag for my feelz?

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